Clasp Dentures What Are

Clasp Dentures

Clasp dentures, one of the types of dental prostheses, are one of the procedures particularly preferred by individuals of advanced age. This treatment method is preferred due to the decrease in the number of teeth in the mouth. With clasp dentures, a bridge-like structure is created between the teeth, allowing for easy removal and insertion.

Clasp dentures are also referred to as partial dentures. They are preferred when fixed bridges are not available. The fact that the patient can remove and clean these dentures also enables them to be used for many years. Clasp dentures are made entirely to fit the mouth and tooth dimensions. Dental trials are conducted on the patient before the preparation process.

This ensures that dental prostheses are prepared for the individual’s complete comfort. After approximately 4 to 5 trials, the dentures are prepared and the fitting process begins. Patients are instructed on how to use these prostheses. After starting to use partial dentures, patients find it easier to speak and consume food comfortably.

How are Clasp Dentures Cleaned and Used for Food Consumption?

The use of clasp dentures is a practical and easy dental procedure. Those who use clasp dentures start to consume healthier foods. It is one of the most ideal products for individuals who want to eat comfortably. Especially after this treatment, individuals also get rid of the dental deficiency they experience.

Cleaning clasp dentures is also very easy. With the removable feature, patients can remove their teeth and clean them with a brush and toothpaste at the end of the day or whenever they want.

Do Clasp Dentures Move from Their Place?

Clasp dentures may move depending on usage. Especially when not fitted properly, there is a possibility of movement within the mouth. However, there is no occurrence of displacement during meals. The grip of the clasp may decrease over time. Therefore, mobility may occur.

It is also important not to damage the clasps when using clasp dentures. Seeing a specialist is necessary in case of bending or breaking.

What is the Durability Rate of Clasp Dentures and How Long are They Used?

Clasp dentures are among the applications that can be used for many years. The materials used in these dentures are also important for durability. Clasp dentures made from quality materials are more durable. However, in some cases, clasp breakage or bending may occur. For this, it is necessary to see a specialist. The clasp can be repaired within 1 to 2 days for use again.

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